Having cycled in few places around the World, at this time of the year, my favored ride is just outside my house.

Today, I locked the door, got on my bike and went out in the hope of having my annual “long shadow” ride.
Didn’t get THE long shadows today, needed to stay out past 4pm to get more of the Sun today. But, got THE RIDE for Fall of 2012.
Had to stop and take a picture of the surroundings (above).

Long Shadows of Late Fall, 2009

The colours are changing, and the sun is trying to peak through the clouds the air is crisp and I didn’t miss any rides anywhere else.

Fall is here and these are the roads I want to be on.

Dear Ontario rider, here is my advice as a coach and cyclist: get a SUNNY DAY, OFF of work during the week. Pack your bike and drive just outside the city to the first coffee shop.
Have your morning coffee and get on your bike. Pace your self so that you can last for 4-5 hours. Stop a couple times in towns that you usually don’t visit.
Look around and soak it all in. THIS IS what life is all about: a string of small moments and memories. Make them happen.

Ontario nature, in all it’s beauty, will wait for you for about 2-3 weeks from today.
Don’t worry. So will your life, after the ride.

The ROUTE is around 110km from Pickering, ON, but you could start from Stouffville’s “For the Love of Joe” coffee shop (right across the clock tower) and shorten it down to around 70km. You will see Musselman’s Lake. You will go through Zephyr. And you will LOVE IT.