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“My coaching approach is all about QUALITY over quantity. I try to educate through my coaching. That’s where the long lasting quality is. People will know what I coached, well after their current bikes are gone and replaced with new ones.”

Ilija Petrovski
cycling coachNCCP Level 2
iCoachCycling l mobile: 416.821.2100
Toronto, Ontario  Canada

Email: ip(at)

Cycling coaching is a lot more then just performance coaching.
Cycling as a sport involves: mind, willpower and muscles.
Cycling also demands for all 3 aspects to work in harmony.

As such, cycling coaching is not only about physical coaching, but more about lifestyle and many changes required to become better person then yesterday.
Getting faster on a bike, is a side-effect of ones progress off the bike.

That’s the way I coach.
And that’s the way I live.


Kevin Davis is a long time coach at iCoachCycling and his vast racing experience across most disciplines of the sport, from Track racing to Cyclo Cross, has given iCoachCycling “the edge” with our hands-on coaching approach. Kevin’s specialty is road racing and criteriums.

He now competes in the Masters categories and still comes up with the race wins, which he attributes to a careful and measured approach to training, a good knowledge of race strategies and by maintaining a good balance between family, career and sport.


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