“OFF-SEASON” Training

So, you worked hard this season.
You are stronger then ever.
Or…not? Why?

Here is the most common mistake people make in cycling:
Because they had no plan in place until is too late and then shorten the most important period in anybody’s training, pro or amateurs alike, BASE TRAINING.

Your peak will be in direct correlation with the width of your base. And if you start building base within weeks of your goal….you may as well go out and watch the riders that proactively started training months before you did.

At iCoachCycling we give you that jump ahead of your competition. Regardless who that “competition” is: others or yourself.

Don’t let that hard earned fitness go!
Keep training through the winter months and begin next year where you finished this season.

Below is the link to an opportunity where you not only train, but train while educating your self with lifelong lasting knowledge about how to train.

CLICK on the image below to DOWNLOAD a PDF document about our Winter Training Clinic at The Sports Medicine Specialists.

1 thought on “Training”

  1. Derek de Gannes said:

    This clinic is run by two of the local cycling “top guns” – Kevin Davis and Ilija Petrovski – you want to be ready for 2012 then here is the place to be and the guys you want to have leading you in the off season.

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